Urban Seekers


SECTION 1. The organizer and the official regulations of the campaign

1.1. The URBAN SEEKERS event (“the Event“) is organized and carried out by SOCIETE GENERALE EUROPEAN BUSINESS SERVICES S.A., (hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser“), 24 Preciziei blvd., Building H4, ground and 5th floor, district 6, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Register under number J40 / 151/2011, with Tax ID code RO27883477.

1.2. Campaign participants are required to comply with the terms and conditions of these Official Event Regulations (the “Official Regulations” or “Regulations“).

1.3. The Official Regulations are drawn up and will be made public according to the applicable Romanian legislation, on Also, the Regulations are available, free of charge, to any person (s) by e-mail at or (ii) can be obtained by sending a written request by post, to the Organizer’s attention, at its registered office mentioned in point 1.1. above, throughout the duration of the Event.

1.4. The Organizer reserves its right to modify or change these Official Regulations, following that such changes will enter into force only after they have been publicly announced through the same communication channels through which the Official Regulations were previously made public, as well as through notifying of the competent authorities, as the case may be, if the changes made require such notification.

1.5. The implementation of the Event will be carried out by MCCANN PROFESIONAL COMMUNICATION SRL, based in Bucharest, 18 Jules Michelet 18 street, district 1 and the working point: 11-11A George Enescu street, district 1, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40 / 11495/2004, Tax ID code RO 16603741, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency“.

SECTION 2. Location of the event

2.1 The event is organized and will be held on October 19th, 2019, in Bucharest, at Rezidenta Scena 9 (32 Ion Luca Caragiale Street, Bucharest).

2.2. Urban Seekers is not an ordinary treasure hunt, but a digital one that combines technology with fun and the art of photography and videography, in order to discover new information about Bucharest and beyond.

SECTION 3. Duration of the event

3.1. The event will take place between 10.00-16.30 as follows:

10.00-11.00 – Registration

11.00-11.15 – Presentation of the Urban Seekers regulations

11.15-15.00 – Urban Hunt

15.00-15.30 – Rankings

15.30-16.30 – Announcing winners and awarding prizes


3.2. The event will be held in accordance with the provisions of this Official Regulations.

3.3. The organizer reserves its right to change the period of the Event during its course, but not before announcing it.

SECTION 4. Participation right

4.1. The event is open for participation for individuals over the age of 18, reached on the date the Event starts, Romanian citizens or foreign nationals residing in Romania or with their domicile or residence, even temporary, in Romania.

4.2. At this Event, anyone who is not 18 years of age at the start of the event does not have the right to participate. The organizer reserves its right to take all measures to prevent the enrolment and/or participation in the Event of persons younger than the minimum age accepted according to these regulations.

SECTION 5. Prizes and their value

During the Event, the following prizes will be awarded for 3 winning teams:

1st place: 10 ELECTRIC SHOOTERS, MYRIA MY7009 Model, 8 inches, BLACK, with the value of 1,498.21 Lei/piece

2nd Place: 10 VOUCHERS (in the form of codes in the Lime app) WITH 100 FREE TRAVELERS (10 MINUTES EACH JOURNEY)

3rd Place: 10 VOUCHERS (in the form of codes in the Lime app) OF 50 FREE TRAVELERS (10 MINUTES EACH JOURNEY)

* Once the code is received, it can be activated within a month. If it is not activated during this time, the code can no longer be used. Once activated, the trips can be used within 12 months (1 year).

SECTION 6. The mechanism of the event

6.1. The event is open to anyone who wants to undertake physical activity, have fun and stimulate their practical skills, but in a fun way and with the possibility of winning prizes.

6.2. From the moment the Event is announced, registration will be made on the online platform: Confirmation of the online registration will be done in a specially arranged place during the Event where each participant will read the treasure hunt rules and sign the OSH training, stating that he/she is medically fit to participate in the event, as well as the GDPR agreement regarding the processing of personal data. When accessing the event, all participants will register and will be informed about the regulations and procedures.

If the registered persons online want to cancel their registration, they can do so by sending an email to In case of withdrawal of registration, the place can be transferred to another participant.

Also, a light and comfortable outfit is recommended, in order to carry out physical activities.

6.3 The consumption of alcohol and other prohibited substances is not allowed, both before the start of the treasure-hunt, as well as during the treasure hunt. The Organizer reserves its right to take all measures to prevent the registration and/or participation in the Event of persons who are under the influence of alcohol and/or other prohibited substances accepted in accordance with these Regulations.

6.4. The access of the persons who carry the following is also forbidden: alcoholic drinks, prohibited substances, weapons and ammunition of any kind, torches, fireworks, firecrackers, explosive, incendiary or fumigant materials, electric shocks devices, toxic or hallucinogenic substances, tear or paralysing gas, recipients, blunt objects, knives, daggers, scissors or other such objects manufactured or made, namely for cutting, imposing or striking.

Anyone who violates these provisions will be removed from the Event area, with the support of the police, if necessary.

6.5. The route

Describing the route:

START – Rezidenta Scena 9

FINISH – back to Rezidenta Scena 9


6.5. The event shall take place as follows:

The teams that will start on the route will be made up of 10 people and there will be 10 teams in total.

The tablet with the app that Urban Hunt will develop, will be handed in exchange for presenting the identity card of a member of the team after the formation of the 10 teams.

It is mandatory for each team to have a mobile phone so they can be contacted by the organizer in case of emergency.

The route will be run by each team taking into account the indications received in each location. The participants must decipher the clues or solve the aptitude tests, pass each objective according to the clues and, finally, reach the point of arrival with all the clues received on the route.

In addition, 100 mini-tests will take place along the route as follows:

There are orientation, logic and team tests, but also tests for individual aptitudes, to explore, to discover. Tests by means of which the team earns a score that will be validated by a game administrator. Each test has a different score, depending on the level of complexity. An example: Walk until you find the statue in the picture and take a picture there with the entire team – 250 points. The team that earns the most points in the game interval will win.

If the weather does not allow the event to be conducted in good conditions, the organizer undertakes the right to reschedule the event with the prior notification, by e-mail, of all the participants registered in the contest, with at least 3 days before the event.

The Organizer will in no way bear the related costs (transportation, accommodation, meal etc.) for the participants.

The participants, by registering in the competition, are directly responsible for their physical and mental integrity throughout the entire route and for observing all the required road traffic rules.

SECTION 7 Accountability /Limitation of accountability

7.1. The obligations of the Participants

  • The participants must strictly observe the measures established by the organizer on the routes to/from the place of the Event.
  • The participants must procure their Event access documents from the location and keep them for access check.

The document required for registration will be the identity card. This will be worn during the competition, by each of the participants.

The materials received when registering for the game are the following:


– an app guide, tablet and login data

– a number of assistants during the game

– print samples in case the tablet stops working

– route map

  • The participants must enter the Event only through the specially arranged place.
  • The participants must comply with the order measures established by the Organizer by these Regulations;
  • The participant who leaves the event, for whatever reason, must inform the organizer immediately;
  • The participants bear full civil and criminal liability for any damage caused by them to other persons during the race
  • In case of noticing an accident, participants are required to report it to the Organizer;
  • Participants must comply with the environmental protection rules;
  • Participants undertake full accountability for lost or forgotten objects, on the route, during the competition.

7.2. The organizer is under no obligation to maintain correspondence with applicants for non-winning claims, that arrive after the actual award of prizes. The responsibility of the organizer is limited in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

7.3. The organizer reserves its right to verify and monitor the way in which registrations for the Event take place. In case certain fraud attempts are noticed, those registrations will be cancelled.

7.6 The organizer reserves its right to permanently exclude from the Event any participant who, by fraudulent behaviour, affects the good running of the Event.

7.7 By participating in the Event, the participant states that he/she has become aware of and agrees with the following:

  • The participant is the sole person accountable for any statement that is not in conformity with reality;
  • The participant states that he /she does not suffer from any physical or mental illnesses that make it impossible for he/she to use the prizes;
  • The participant is aware of the normal conditions of use of the prizes and the participant can make use of them without them constituting a threat to his or her health and integrity and/or to the health of others.

7.8. The organiser:

  • is not accountable for the quality of the prizes offered during the Event and does not give a guarantee term for their use;
  • is not accountable for the damage, disappearance or theft of the prizes after the winners take them;
  • is exonerated by the winners, their agreement being given by simply participating in the Event, of any accountability for any damages suffered by the winners in relation to the prizes, after the moment of taking them, regardless of the nature of these damages, including but not limited to, personal injury and/or health, respectively damages to the patrimony;
  • is not accountable for any damages caused by the winners to third parties in connection with the awards, regardless of the nature of these damages.
  • will ensure the norms of environmental protection by placing waste collection points along the route;
  • will hold the technical meeting before the event, any changes announced on this occasion taking precedence over the information presented above;
  • will provide emergency medical assistance for any problems occurring during the event;
  • the Organizer reserves its right to amend these Regulations as often as necessary, by appropriately informing the interested parties.

7.9. Each participant will be informed before the start of the treasure hunt about the dangers that exist, in order to avoid any accidents. In case of non-observance of the rules and of these Regulations, the Organizer is absolved of any fault;

7.10. The organizer reserves its right to stop a participant if:

  • he/she suffered an accident after the start;
  • the physical condition of the participant does not allow him/her to continue;
  • the participant is not appropriately equipped for the race;


SECTION 8 Taxes and duties

8.1 The organizer is not responsible for the payment of potential taxes, duties or other tax obligations related to the prizes offered, except for the tax obligations that fall under its accountability according to the law and whose value it supports.

SECTION 9 Ending, postponing or rescheduling the Event

9.1 The event may stop, be postponed or rescheduled in case of a force majeure event, including the Organizer’s inability, for reasons independent of its will, to continue the Event, without excluding adverse weather events. The cessation, postponement or reprogramming of the Event will be made public by posting on the website/platform

SECTION 10 Disputes

The possible disputes between the Organizer and the participants will be resolved amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be settled by the Bucharest courts.

SECTION 11 Force Majeure

11.1 For the purpose of these Regulations, force majeure means any event that cannot be controlled, remedied or provided for by the Organizer, whose appearance puts the latter in the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations assumed by these Regulations.

11.2. If a force majeure situation prevents or delays, in full or in part, the execution of the Regulations and the continuation of the Event, the Organizer will be exempted from the liability regarding the fulfilment of its obligations for the period in which this fulfilment will be prevented or delayed. If it invokes force majeure, the Organizer must notify its participants within 1 working day of the occurrence of the force majeure situation.

SECTION 12 Notices

12.1. For any kind of notices, the Participants can file their claims at

SECTION 13 The official regulations of the event

13.1. By participating at the Event, the participants agree to observe and comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions of these Regulations.

13.2. The official regulations shall be available at




The Organizer of the URBAN SEEKERS event (the Event”), SOCIETE GENERALE EUROPEAN BUSINESS SERVICES S.A., (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer"), 24 Preciziei blvd., Building H4, ground and 5th floor, district 6, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Register under number J40/151/2011, with Fiscal Identification Code RO27883477, has decided to amend the provisions of the Event Regulations according to art. 1.4. as follows:

Article I. The following provisions shall be added to art. 6.2.:

Art. 6.2. Please be aware that the event is limited to a certain number of attendees. Those who will complete the registration form must also confirm their presence by SMS, as a response to the message received from the organizer. The first 100 to confirm their place are ensured to enter the contest.

Article II. Provisions of Section 8 - Taxes and duties, art. 8.1. shall be amended as follows:

Art. 8.1. The Organizer is not responsible for the payment of taxes, duties or other tax obligations related to the prizes offered, except for the tax withheld at source applicable to prize revenues. Thus, the Organizer will calculate, withhold, declare and pay the income tax according to the provisions of the Fiscal Code (Law no. 227/2015), art.108, if applicable.

For the fulfillment of the fiscal obligations stipulated by art.108 of the Fiscal Code (Law no. 227/2015) the prizes will be handed out to the winners based on the delivery-receipt report signed by the representatives of the Organizer and by the winners. The winners shall present their identity card in order to sign a report on the awarding of the prize, also signed by the Organizer (2 original documents) that identifies them as the winner of the prize and helps fulfill fiscal obligations regarding the calculation, withholding and payment of the income tax applicable to prize revenues. The report shall specify the last name, first name, name of the campaign in relation to which they were validated as the winner, the prize granted, and the value of the prize.

Article IIIAll other provisions contained in the Event Regulations remain unchanged.

This additional document is available to any requester, free of charge, on the website/platform, for the entire duration of the event. This additional act shall enter into force as from the date of its signature.